It Works! The Employable Youth

The Erasmus+ European program "It Works! The Employable Youth" with IEKEP as a partner started in September 2019 and is expected to end in August 2022.

The project "It Works! The Employable Youth" aims at developing:

  1. a specific curriculum comprised by tools for employability and soft skills for NEETs along with
  2. internships for training that will lead to sustainable jobs and certification by the involved organizations for the NEETs.

Additionally, the project aims at the creation of training material and capacity building for professionals working with youngsters not in education and employment in order to be able to provide the context, support and the training that the youngsters need. This supportive training material will also be used for people responsible for internships in companies (HR personnel, trainers etc.) where the pilot placements will take place.

More information on the project's site and facebook